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NEW U-3988 wireless m
  Enping SHENGYI Electronics Co.,Ltd was established in 1985.It is a professional stereo manufacturing company that our company incorporated designing,develop,produce,sell and serve into an organic whole mainly.we have RGE、荣格尔 outstanding brands.The products including wireless and wired microphone.We have advanced technology and experienced inspedtion system.Our company has gathered the strong point of numerous products,so the products have pure tone quality,personality than fine,modelling novelty and after-sale service perfect.And we do OEM for customer at the same time.
    "Human resource is the true resource",we always think so,and we regard "Quality First"and "Credit Important" as our principle.According to good quality,the spirit innovated constantly,unique corporate culture and brand-new management theory,we will try our test to supply our best service to all customers in the world.
     The domestic and international customers of the ardent sincerity come voer and instruct working.
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